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Helping leaders realize their full potential.

Through a combination of coaching and active learning, clients experience a safe and intimate environment for discussion and self-development. Free from judgment and expectation, clients share their innermost thoughts, admit concerns, and open up to new ways of thinking about old problems while they prepare to embrace new challenges.

I offer a wide range of leadership development programs, including:

Improving strategic thinking

Developing greater emotional intelligence

Strengthening professional resilience

Engaging and motivating a team

Building coaching skills

Becoming an inclusive leader


As an executive coach, I work with individuals and teams in a profoundly personal way to help them make the connection between their purpose and their daily life. As a facilitator, I take the best of today’s thought leadership concepts and help leaders apply them to their goals and objectives.

In my 30-year career, I’ve facilitated both residential and virtual programs across finance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and other complex industries around the world.

This experience brings:




emotional intelligence


Strategic Skills


agility and flexibility


agility and flexibility


Professional Certificate in Executive and Professional Coaching

The University of Texas at Dallas
Jindal School of Management
Dallas, TX

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts

Magna cum Laude
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA